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Where to go for the New Year holidays in Russia

Well, hello, Winter ❄️ 

After all, this is a special time of the year, cozy and magical. There are 25 days left until the New Year... do you...

Date: 06 december 2023, 08:57 favorite the answers: 0

Symbols of love in Russian cities

There are people who confess their love only to each other, or those who keep these wonderful feelings deep in their h...

Date: 03 december 2023, 19:49 favorite the answers: 0

Cities of Russia. Nizhniy Novgorod. Learn to admire.

How do we usually choose the points on the map of Russia that we want to visit? What matters is the convenient location and attractive street space...

Date: 25 november 2023, 18:01 favorite the answers: 0

The old park in Kabardinka. Strength is in culture.

There is a small cozy corner in the south of Russia - a village in the Krasnodar Territory called Kabardinka. Its main...

Date: 16 november 2023, 20:22 favorite the answers: 0

Kotovsk and Tumbler

Each item has its own unique story. For example, a toy. Surely you have held in your hands the famous "Tumbler" - a do...

Date: 11 november 2023, 22:42 favorite the answers: 0

Date: 04 november 2023, 12:55 favorite the answers: 0

Golden waterfall, ecotropes and rocks – entertainment in Novosibirsk. Part 1.

Almost like shoemakers who are without boots, we (my husband and son and I), natives of Novosibirsk, have already stud...

Date: 27 october 2023, 21:47 favorite the answers: 0

travel in autumn

How rich our country is in natural beauty! And autumn is a great time to reveal all the charm of nature. Let's tell you the top 3 places in Russia ...

Date: 25 october 2023, 21:45 favorite the answers: 0

Tomskaya pisanitsa. Part 2.

This part of my story describes the events of the second and third days of our visit to the Tomsk Pisanitsa. 

Date: 20 october 2023, 09:15 favorite the answers: 0

Date: 14 october 2023, 01:55 favorite the answers: 0

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