Visiting Astrakhan

Visiting Astrakhan

At the end of winter, when the last snow melts and the spring rays begin to warm, I want to remember the last winter trip this year. And to say that you can go to the south not only in summer. And in winter there is also something to do there. Maybe next winter someone will want to go there too. 

We wanted to get to Astrakhan in winter. Why? Because we love fishing, and where else to fish, if not in Astrakhan? After all, it was from here that sturgeon and other fish, red and black caviar, were taken to the capitals. We did not aim at the sturgeon, especially since it can no longer be caught. Rather, I wanted to have an interesting time.

Monuments of Astrakhan
So, we settled in a cozy hotel in the city center. After lunch, we immediately went to see what was closer or what we had read about in numerous travel guides to Astrakhan. Do you know the story by A. Chekhov "The Lady with the dog"? Yes, here she is with the dog together on the embankment. At least, it looks very similar. Well, there is no way without fish. We looked at the monuments to sturgeon and roach. 

Opera House
If you go from the embankment and pass a couple of streets, you can see probably the most luxurious building in Astrakhan. This is an opera and ballet theater built in the oriental style. On the first day, we were in no hurry and planned a trip to the play in the evening, so we saw all the beauty not only from the outside, but also inside. We have been here for a long time, in 2014, and for those who have not been, we advise you to go. 

Old houses
 While waiting for the performance, we walked along the neighboring streets. It was especially interesting to walk along Moskovskaya Street. Ancient wooden houses huddle next to the beautiful bulk of the theater. The street is like from the 19th century. You are transported back a couple of centuries. 

There is peace and quiet outside the city. We settled down in the morning on a small bay, or as they say here, yerika. I don't remember such a bite anywhere. Bass were caught one by one. But I had to share the catch with an unexpected fluffy guest. Speaking of fuzzies. Astrakhan is a city of cats. They are here not only for fishing, but everywhere. And they are treated very well here. We are no exception. They fed the tailed ones. 

Astrakhan Kremlin
In the late afternoon, but it was still light, after a break from fishing, we decided to visit probably the most important attraction of Astrakhan – the Kremlin, built in 1558 on the instructions of Ivan the Terrible after the capture of Astrakhan. The fortress has seen a riot led by Stepan Razin, and the uprising of the Astrakhan Streltsy, and much more. Peter 1 and A. Dumas visited here, and now we have visited.

Photo of Astrakhan Kremlin - 07 march 2024, 17:38
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