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Collecting dolls

Vintage, porcelain, Barbie ... many who are fond of collecting dolls. But the largest collections are collected in mus...

Date: 06 november 2023, 12:28 favorite the answers: 0

A forum for communication of those who like to collect figurines.

Collecting figurines, in itself, is a very creative activity because of their wide variety. How nice it is to touch figurines made of stone, wood, ...

Date: 23 january 2022, 00:51 favorite the answers: 10

Collecting coins

Coins are a separate interesting story. Each coin is associated with some country, city, event or hero of history. Every numismatist wants to get c...

Date: 23 january 2022, 00:47 favorite the answers: 10

Philocartist Club in the World of Hobbies

Collecting is one of the most interesting and ancient occupations of mankind. There are several versions of the origin of this hobby: the desire fo...

Date: 23 january 2022, 00:35 favorite the answers: 10