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Autumn evenings. What to do.

The last days of autumn, the weather whispers to spend the evening comfortably at home. Here are some fascinating hobbies to make the upcoming wint...

Date: 20 november 2023, 21:34 favorite the answers: 0

We cook at home. Lemon poppy seed cake recipe.

In autumn, I want more comfort and warmth. In November, the desire to stay at home is only growing. Therefore, keep the recipe for an airy lemon-po...

Date: 14 november 2023, 10:28 favorite the answers: 0

Growing plants at home

There is so little greenery in autumn. I propose to grow a piece of summer on my windowsill. A selection of fruits, the seeds of which can take roo...

Date: 31 october 2023, 21:05 favorite the answers: 0

Watching movies

Autumn evenings just have to hide under a blanket, make tea and turn on a cozy movie. Which films will help you immers...

Date: 23 october 2023, 19:09 favorite the answers: 0


Date: 16 october 2023, 14:21 favorite the answers: 0

Favorite family recipes. Lace pancakes.

The recipe for these pancakes is unusual and simple. When following it, real lace pancakes are obtained. Checked!

1 cup of warm...

Date: 23 july 2023, 21:33 favorite the answers: 0

Favorite family recipes. Zebra pie.

This recipe was written down by me at the age of 10. Since then, it has passed the test of time and has not lost its relevance, but, on the contrar...

Date: 15 july 2023, 20:14 favorite the answers: 0

Zucchini with mayonnaise and garlic.

Zucchini with mayonnaise and garlic is a very simple and accessible recipe for everyone. They can be served with the m...

Date: 02 july 2023, 14:10 favorite the answers: 0

Favorite family recipes. Cottage cheese casserole.

There are dishes whose recipes are simple, but they have something so special that both adults and children love them.

Here is one of these ...

Date: 17 june 2023, 21:40 favorite the answers: 0

Singing songs

Recently I noticed for myself that people of different ages often choose the same songs to sing in the company. There are a lot of good songs, but ...

Date: 17 september 2022, 18:51 favorite the answers: 1