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🍁 In autumn, you always want warmth. A fluffy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa will warm you physically, and a good book will give you spiritual warmth....

Date: 09 october 2023, 15:19 favorite the answers: 0

PlayStation: games overview

PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world and is known for its multiplayer games, exclusives and unique gameplay. Over t...

Date: 11 march 2023, 22:54 favorite the answers: 10

Review of games for X-box

X-Box is a popular gaming console created by Microsoft. This console has become a real legend in the world of gaming, and is still very popular. Ov...

Date: 11 march 2023, 22:48 favorite the answers: 10

Atomic Heart - a game in an alternate past

There has been talk about this game since 2018, and finally, gamers have the opportunity to check the promises of its promotional videos.
The ...

Date: 11 march 2023, 22:43 favorite the answers: 10

Review of God of War: Ragnarok - the best game of 2022

In 2018, the original project was released and received the title of "Game of the Year". Its sequel was able to repeat the success after 4 years, s...

Date: 11 march 2023, 22:35 favorite the answers: 10

Interesting facts about the first computer games

The debate about what should be called the very first computer game in the world does not subside to this day. Most sources agree that the game bas...

Date: 11 march 2023, 22:28 favorite the answers: 10

PC games with the most interesting stories

Computer games have long ceased to be ordinary "shooters" in which you just need to run and shoot at everyone. Interesting storylines, high-quality...

Date: 01 march 2023, 23:08 favorite the answers: 10

Alan Dean Foster - The Gift of a Worthless Man

Rubles: What to read.

By Alan Dean Foster

Title: The gift of a worthless person

Genre: fiction

"... leaving this world,...

Date: 26 february 2023, 19:14 favorite the answers: 0

Interesting Facts About Computer Games You Didn't Know About

The field of Game Dev is one of the most discussed both in the professional environment and among fans of the genre. Indeed, the amount of investme...

Date: 11 february 2023, 19:52 favorite the answers: 10

Cyberpunk 2077 review of the latest PC games

Cyberpunk 2077 is a sensational game that has been waiting for release since 2012 from the Polish studio CD Project RED. The storyline begins in th...

Date: 11 february 2023, 19:42 favorite the answers: 10