The best video games that are popular in Russia

The best video games that are popular in Russia

Recently, the computer games industry has become a kind of art that has its admirers all over the world.
We decided to make a selection of the best games from different genres that are still popular in our country.

Let's start with the novelty of 2022 - the Stray quest, which has become a real hit in such a short time. In the center of what is happening is a stray cat that wanders among robots and neon signs. Original soundtracks work great for immersion in what is happening, easily evoking the necessary emotions.

Owners of the latest PlayStation versions highly appreciated Horizon Forbidden West. The game offers a lot of activities from a tactical level, as well as small attacks and battles. Nice bright graphics with constantly changing pictures complement the overall impression of the game.

Elden Ring action can be found on a wide range of gaming platforms. The plot takes place in the Inter-earth, divided into parts, each of which is controlled by different gods. This is not a simple game that will capture the hearts of lovers of battles and exploration.

Longtime fans of Destiny 2 have made The Witch Queen one of the most anticipated versions, surpassing all previous pre-order records. The popular first-person shooter will please you with new types of weapons, interesting missions and unusual terrain.

Of course, it is difficult to select only a few from the whole variety of games. Therefore, we suggest moving on to a discussion of PC games that are included in your personal top and still delight you with their presence on the Russian market.

Administrator - 26 january 2023, 23:16
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  1. Слава Кощеев 26 january 2023, 23:19 # 0
    FIFA — лучшее вложение из года в год! 😈
    1. Эля Синичкина 26 january 2023, 23:20 # 0
      а где же Марио? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
      1. Тимофей Акзыр 26 january 2023, 23:21 # 0
        а я думал, что Герои Меча и Магии — это старый зашквар)))))
        1. 26 january 2023, 23:25 # 0
          это не зашквар — это святое беззаботное детство! 😇
          1. Олеся 29 january 2023, 19:14 # 0
            Я в них до сих пор по старинке режусь 😆 Любоная любовь 😍 😍 😍
        2. Ксения 26 january 2023, 23:22 # 0
          Асассины рулят 😍
          1. Юлиана 29 january 2023, 20:24 # 0
          2. 29 january 2023, 19:10 # 0
            крайне редко играю — лучше сделать что-то своими руками! Но Samorost 3- лучшее, что дала природа 😁 😁 😁 😁
            1. Серафим 29 january 2023, 19:13 # 0
              Horizon Forbidden West — 3 раза уже прошел ПушкаБомбаРакета 😎
              1. Слава Кощеев 29 january 2023, 20:11 # 0
                Для меня самой запоминающейся игрой всех времен стала THE WHISPERED WORLD — концовка нереальная!!! Там меняется всё восприятие! Классная игра, рекомендую!

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