1. Why can't I see my message on the forum?

Uploading messages to the system can be done after verification by a moderator.

Please wait, your message will appear on the site immediately after passing moderation.

If your message has not passed moderation (for example, it contradicts the rules of the forum – see the section «Rules of the Forum », paragraphs 1-6), you will receive a notification by email about the rejection of your message by the moderator with an explanation of the reason for rejection.

2. Can I post commercial content messages on the site?

Yes, for this you should become a Partner of the site.

You can get seller status on this site and post photos of the products you sell on the forum and your contact details. The sale process itself will be carried out outside the framework of this site. For more information, see the section "Partners". See the section "Offers to partners".

3. I can't find my hobby on the website, what do I need to do?

If you didn't find your hobby in the list of hobbies on the forum or using the search bar

You can write to the site editor using the "Write to the editor" icon on the main page of the site.

You can also add your topic for a new hobby to the "Other" section.

We will try to take into account your wishes and add your hobby to our website.

4. Why can't I add a comment?

Comments can only be made by a registered user. Register, please.

We wish you a pleasant journey through the world of your hobbies!

Yes, and don't forget to take the fervor on the road, well, and, of course, a great mood.)))